Rapture Tabletop - Starterbox ANGELS

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The Angel Starter Box includes a battlegroup worth 100 points, equipped with everything you need to crush your enemies. Massive, resilient, terrifying, and full of destructive power, the Angels offer a gaming experience of dominance and invincibility. Despite their small numbers, the Angels have an enormous range of action thanks to their wings and heightened state of battle readiness. With the Angels, you will possess a fierce and mighty force, always looking to find its match.

Conquer the earth with the Angels and bring nothing but fear and destruction to the people. The flying monsters deal morale damage on base contact and dominate with their toughness. Raziel cuts through opponents with ease with his weapons and can take over enemy units. Seeiah can heal battered Angels or give them shields. Ieiaiel supports in close combat with brutal penetrating power and can condemn enemy units to increase the attack power of his own units.


  • 3 high-quality and expertly designed Resin miniatures
  • 3 Profile Cards, 1 Faction Card
  • 3 Mission Cards
  • Quickstart-Rules
  • 3 Plastic Bases 40mm
  • Paper Markers

This product contains very small and pointy pieces, therefore this product must therefore be kept out of the reach of children under 36 months.

The product is generally not recommend for children under 14 years.

The miniatures are unpainted and must be assembled.
We recommend the usage of gel-superglue as well as Vallejo colours for painting.