Rapture Tabletop - Starterbox ATLANTIS

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The Atlantis Starter Box offers a complete battlegroup worth 100 points, ready to go to battle. Command fearsome creatures from the depth of the sea and defeat your adversaries with genetically modified, superhuman warriors. Take a quick dive through the spring cracks accross the battlefield and come up to strike where it hurts the most! Use Atlantis for a deadly combination of speed and resilience.

From the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, the ancient Atlantean people rise on their way to new glory. Increase your mobility by diving through spring cracks on the battlefield and instantly cover great distances. Stop enemy fire with Danai and his tentacles and effectively bind enemies in close combat. Place opaque walls of mist with Gionas and trap enemies with creeping algae. Leyra fights enemies from afar with her cannon, and Kyenar poisons enemies in close combat. The Abyss Turtle screeches with deafening acoustics and destroys the morale of opponents before it bites.


  • 7 high-quality and expertly designed Resin miniatures
  • 7 Profile Cards, 1 Faction Card
  • 3 Mission Cards
  • Quickstart-Rules
  • 5 Plastic Bases 30mm
  • 2 Plastic Bases 40mm
  • Paper Markers

This product contains very small and pointy pieces, therefore this product must therefore be kept out of the reach of children under 36 months.

The product is generally not recommend for children under 14 years.

The miniatures are unpainted and must be assembled.
We recommend the usage of gel-superglue as well as Vallejo colours for painting.