Rapture Tabletop - Starterbox NEW WORLD ORDER

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With the New World Order Starter Box, you will receive a complete battlegroup ready to deploy and worth 100 points. The New World Order factions triumphs with powerful weapons technology paired with the use of ancient magic. Choode the New World Order to maintain control over the battlefield, cancel out game mechanics with unique abilities, foil your opponent's plans, and always have a trick up your sleeve!

The New World Order Starter Box brings power and control to the playing field. Don't give your opponent a chance to take a breather! Use Lincoln to prevent opposing units from moving and distribute additional action points among your units. Use Noelle's magic to attack opponents from a distance or push them away from you. Bring powerful drones to key points with Steve to lay down suppressive fire on opposing units or provide a shield for allied units. Sneak across the battlefield undetected with Eleanor and carry out silent assassinations that your opponents can't react to.


  • 6 high-quality and expertly designed Resin miniatures
  • 6 Profile Cards, 1 Faction Card
  • 3 Mission Cards
  • Quickstart-Rules
  • 3 Plastic Bases 30mm
  • 1 Plastic Base 40mm
  • 2 Plastic Flight Bases 30mm
  • Paper Markers

This product contains very small and pointy pieces, therefore this product must therefore be kept out of the reach of children under 36 months.

The product is generally not recommend for children under 14 years.

The miniatures are unpainted and must be assembled.
We recommend the usage of gel-superglue as well as Vallejo colours for painting.