Upper Deck - Legendary - Marvel Deck Building Game Erweiterung Deluxe Messiah Complex

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Deck building games

Deck-building Games is a relatively new "family" of board games that was established in 2008. A large number of different games have already appeared in the United States and now seem to be making their way towards Europe. Therefore, a large number of the games are still in English. Basically, deck-building games are actually card games. The aim of the game is to buy cards during the game, which subsequently form the deck of the game, the so-called "deck". From this deck you draw your hand cards and either buy more valuable cards or use the actions defined on the cards to build up your deck piece by piece. Deck-building games have their origins in trading card games (TCG) such as Magic the Gathering. The difference is that you collect your deck in the TCG before starting the game. But again, the main task of the game is to build your deck. Without a well-constructed deck one looks bad. For many TCG players it is a challenge to put together the deck from a selection of thousands of cards and of course to try out how good it is. So it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea of ??creating a game that, with a fixed number of cards and "deck building", would form the basis of a new type of game. One of the first games that is also available in German and is very popular is the game Dominion. This is a typical representative of the deck building game genre and is becoming ever more extensive and popular thanks to various extensions. Deck building games do not, as mentioned, consist of thousands of cards as in trading card games. It can theoretically take days to bring the right cards together and try them out there. This is not the intention of the deck building games. Here, a deck can consist of 5 to 20 cards, enough to find plenty of clever options. This also ensures that playing doesn't get boring after a while. The many possible combinations ensure this. You simply shuffle the box of cards again and a new game can emerge.

Marvel Legendary Expansion Messiah Complex Deluxe

· Expansion consists of 200 all new playable cards, Color Rule sheet. · Marvel Comics. ·

This is not a stand-alone product, Core set is required for gameplay.

The decimation of mutants has come to pass and the enemies of the remaining X-Men never rest! In this new Legendary expansion based on the popular Marvel crossover story arc, you will join the ranks of the surviving mutant heroes in a race against new Masterminds and Villains to find a very special child who represents hope for mutants. Play with new schemes and a wealth of content with this 200-card deluxe expansion, which includes the return of sidekicks, back by popular demand. On the verge of extinction and battered by villains, it is up to you to save mutantkind!